Language Assessments


Elite Learning has designed its own online pre-course assessments, to test learners’ language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Tests are available for many languages.

Apart from assessing grammar, reading comprehension skills and writing skills, we also ask about your language learning history and your needs for learning a particular language. This will allow us to offer training that is specific to your needs and learning style. Our trainers also assess listening and speaking skills separately.

We ask you not to use dictionaries or any other form of help, so we can get a clear picture of your level. Each test takes approximately 60 minutes, if all sections are attempted. Kindly note that tests start out quite easy and get more difficult.

Elite Learning will provide you with a password so you can assess your language level.

Click on a language below to access the appropriate Pre-Course Assessment.


ENGLISH    |    FRENCH    |    GERMAN    |    ITALIAN    |    SPANISH    |    CHINESE


Should the language you would like to learn not appear above, contact us for access to the pre-course assessment associated with that language – Elite Learning has a portfolio of over 25 languages.