Language Services


  ▪ Writing

For assistance with academic, business, advertising, or even blog writing, get in touch, and our team of professional writers will discuss your needs and prove the solutions you require.


  ▪ Proofreading

Get your important texts – documents, emails, presentations, papers – checked to ensure that the linguistic level and the style is appropriate and error-free. Total confidentiality is guaranteed.


  ▪ Road to employment

Get assisstance with writing your covering letter and curriculum vitae (rèsumè) – ensure that your strong points are highlighted correctly and that the format you are using is acceptable. We also offer coaching in interview techniques – for face-to-face, teleconferencing and online interviews – with tips for various interview stages – intial, second and follow-up.


  ▪ Skills Seminars

We organise seminars on various specialised skills, from negotiating, to presenting, marketing – on your premises, in one of our various locations, or in a venue of your choice.


  ▪ Intercultural Training

Come to terms with various cultures – to be able to better deal with your clients, colleagues… The key to efficient communication is understanding your counterparts.


  ▪ Conflict resolution

Learn strategies to resolve conflict inter-company. We focus on different ways to help colleagues better understand each other, avoid conflict and find strategies to overcome differences when these arise.


  ▪ Leadership

How is it best to lead your team? Our leadership seminars take into account different techniques to effectively lead teams, build team spirit and ensure a positive working environment.


  ▪ Creativity

Thinking outside the box – being creative allows companies to secure more business, and deliver a service in a more efficient manner. Stand out from your competitors…sign up for creativity training with Elite Learning.