Language Training


Elite Learning offers tailor-made training to fit the learner’s linguistic level and needs, in over 25 languages. Learners can choose where & when to learn.   With Elite Learning you don’t need to clear your diary or to travel to make use of our services. We offer language training remotely, in a virtual environment. Such training can be very effective to practise and improve language skills. Learn whenever it is convenient for you – we offer training round the clock 24/7.


  Groups or one-to-one

We offer training in groups of various sizes (from two upwards), as well as one-to-one.


  ▪ Language for General Purposes

Learn English to be able to do your job more efficiently, German so you can communicate with your new colleagues, French due to a company merger…whatever the reason, Elite Learning offers language learning for all needs.


  ▪ Language for Specific Purposes

We focus on language for specific purposes, including socialising, business, engineering, law, hospitality, medicine…whatever your specialisation, we can provide you with the language training that you require.